Christian Radu CHEREJI

Christian Radu CHEREJI , PhD

Professor, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania, Director, Conflict Studies Center, BBU, Fulbright Senior Scholar

Professional mediator accredited by the Romanian Council of Mediation (2008) and certified by the International Mediation Institute (2011), International mediation researcher, expert, and trainer, Mediation author, speaker, and researcher
  • Able to speak and mediate in:
    Romanian English French

Mediation location

Bd. Nicolae Titulescu, Nr.26, Ap.1, Cluj Napoca, Cod 400420, Jud. Cluj, România

General Biography

Christian Radu Chereji is professor of conflict studies at Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj, Romania, founder of the Conflict Studies Center at BBU and the senior editor of the Conflict Studies Quarterly journal, one of the few academic journals entirely dedicated to conflict studies in all their inter-disciplinary aspects.

Christian is a professional mediator, one of the pioneers of mediation in Romania. He holds an accreditation as mediator from the Romanian Council of Mediation (2008) and is an IMI certified mediator since 2011. He has acted as consultant of the Romanian body regulating mediation, a consultant of the Parliament for mediation legislation and a consultant of the Prime-Minister of Romania for issues related to mediation policymaking. 

Christian has worked on mediation-related research project in countries like Greece, Turkey, United States and Uganda and has been leading an international team of experts working on a multi-annual research project concerning the study of traditional conflict management patterns and mechanisms across cultures. Together with colleagues from the University of Crete, he is pursuing field research on mediation of blood feuds in the pastoral mountain society of Crete.

As a trainer, Christian has been working in Greece, Turkey, Uganda and Kazakhstan. In Romania, he and his team at the Transylvanian Institute of Mediation have trained more than 700 mediators. Christian has published many articles on mediation, negotiation and strategic decision-making. 

As a mediator, his interests lie mostly in the field of community disputes (disputes between neighbors related to land ownership, disputes among community members regarding the use of natural resources, disputes between local authorities and citizens related to public projects design and management etc), conservation and development conflicts and business-community disputes. He has worked as an international expert for USAID-SAFE in Uganda on a community-based mediation design and implementation project in 2018.

He was a Fulbright Senior Scholar for the years 2013-2014 and visiting professor at University of Crete, Rethymno in 2018. 


Biography related to practice areas

  • Multi-million-euro contract dispute in the electric energy sector
  • multi-party dispute related to an EU funded public project
  • multi-party dispute related to public works project in the city of Cluj-Napoca
  • late-delivery dispute between contractor and client company
  • currently leading a conservation conflict transformation project with multiple stakeholders involved – more than 17 communities, over 20 NGOs, 3 universities and 3 levels of public authorities (local governments, county authorities, central government agencies and ministries).
  • dispute related to unauthorized release and improper author identification for film documentary
  • several disputes concerning photography theft on social media platforms
  • multi-party disputes inside an IT start-up
  • Design and facilitation of dialogue processes for working groups involved in the elaboration of the Cluj development strategy for 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 terms.